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Days Gone Black Crater Ripper Camp

Ripper Shot With A Residue Bolt

Hello everybody.

The Black Crater Ripper Camp mission is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line. The camp is located southwest of Hot Springs along Black Crater Rd. As with any camp you’ll want to stock up on ammo and supplies, I intended to use residue bolts so I had to get some cedar saplings and nest residue. The cedar saplings are in abundance in the Hot Springs area but there were only two nest and it was as I was going to the nest down Parkett Rd. that I discovered some marauders had set up in the cave where the horde was located. I had recently added the Nocked Up skill to my crossbow which meant that the damage it inflicted was significantly increased and as a result all it took to kill these marauders was a single bolt anywhere on there bodies. There was hostage in the cave to be released. For now I send all hostages to Copeland’s camp only because I get credits and camp trust.

Historical Marker and Anarchist Cairn

Black Crater Recreation Area is the next right after the washed out section of highway and as you approach it the ambush camp will be discovered. At the entrance on the left there is a historical marker ” Memorial Of The Unknown Mailman- Pioneer Mailman”. Across the road on a cliff overlooking the river is an anarchist cairn.

The Camp.

I parked my bike to the side of the recreation area road that enters the camp on the west side. There are a number of large bushes to hide in if needed, I attracted both Freakers and Rippers as I approached but that was ok because the Freakers took care of 2 of the 14 Rippers in the camp. There is an area with a few picnic tables and a kiosk where the road turns right, there was 1 Ripper which I shot with a residue bolt, this caused him to attack the other Rippers. The drawback of using residue bolts is I don’t think you gain experience from the any of the kills they get, other than the kill when they die from residue poisoning.

At the north edge of this picnic area you can see another road that goes up to the highest point of the recreation area, other than the sniper and Ripper to the east this is where the rest of the Rippers are. I continued to use residue bolts and with my second attempt I hit the sniper, now all of the rest where in the upper area and by the time I got up there there was only one Ripper left.

The Bunker.

The bunker is in the northwest corner on the upper level, once you climb down and find the map on the table you’ll receive 1500XP, 750 increase in Hot Springs camp trust, 1200 credits, a craft recipe for the superior club, the Iron Butte Pass Nero Checkpoint will be marked on your map, and the ambush camp hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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