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Days Gone World’s End Old Saw Mill Nero Checkpoint

A view of the old saw mill and Nero Checkpoint

Hello everybody.

This Nero Checkpoint is part of the Worlds End story line and is located to the east of Santiam Hwy on Two Top Rd.

I did this mission next after the Deerborn Ambush camp so my starting point for this mission was just north of the camp, to the north of that is a historical marker,

this one’s for Lucky Lad Mine- ” The Gold Rush Mine “.

To get to the Nero Checkpoint head back to Roberts Bridge Rd. and turn left, the first dirt road on the left after the white transport trailer will bring you down to the saw mill complex. At the bottom of the hill turn left, this road will bring you around to the Nero Checkpoint.

IPCA Tech.

Search outside the fence on the right side, a short distance from the road there will be a body in a shallow pond with the IPCA Tech.

Alarm System Speakers.

There are a total of 7 speakers to disable. The first one is kind of hidden in the spruce trees to the right of the checkpoint, this one has to be shot down. The second is one on the gate house roof. Third and Fourth are on the Nero building beside the backhoe. The fifth one is on a pole in the inside area where the generator is, this one also has to be shot down. The sixth and seventh are on the roof of the other Nero building.

Gas for the generator.

There are 2 gas cans in the area one is beside the backhoe and the other is in portable garage that’s closest to the road. There is quite a bit of loot in the area so a good survey should find it all.

All that’s left is to refuel the generator, start it up and enter the checkpoint, the Nero Injector is in the Nero building at the back that’s parallel to the road.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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