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Days Gone Searching For Lisa

House in Rogue Camp

Hello everybody

The mission searching for Lisa is part of the You’re Safe Now story line. The house that you have to investigate is in Rogue Camp which is an infestation zone so it’s better to do this mission when it’s daytime . Rogue Camp is located southwest of Iron Mike’s. The safest way to get into the camp is to approach from the east on Waldon Rd. which is what I did from my starting point at the Nero Checkpoint by the Old Lumber Mill. As you get close to the camp you’ll see a right turn sign and a big yellow house, just before the camp there’s a dirt road on the left that will take you around to the back . Turn off the road to the right before it goes up the hill and coast into the bushes behind the target house. To get into the house go around to the front, there will be a truck blocking the garage door, push it out of the way and crawl under the door. As you enter the house turn left, there will be a large bookshelf in front of you, on the left end of it is a narrow opening leading to the bedrooms. Search the front bedroom on the left as you come through the gap. There’s a note from Lisa on the little bookshelf in the corner. All that’s left is to read the note and the mission will be complete. This mission pays 4000 XP, 1250 trust points at Iron Mike’s, 250 credits and the You’re Safe Now story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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