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Days Gone Horde Killer O’Leary Mountain

Horde inside cave

Hello everybody.

This is another mission in the Horde Killer story line. The cave is located just to the north, down the mountain from the O’Leary Mountain safe house, to the west is the Cascade Radio Tower Ambush Camp and to the north is the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint.

The horde should be in the cave if you arrive in the day time. For this horde all I used was 3 Molotov’s to ignite the horde, there were 2 freakers that made it out but they were easily shot.

This mission is worth 2000 XP, 550 credits, and 1600 in Copeland camp trust. This was my 4th horde which is 10% of the hordes so that unlocks the SMP9 weapon, definitely better than the pistol.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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