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Bear stealing my bird seed

He doesn’t want to leave

Hello everybody.

Here’s something a little different. We have a history of bears visiting every year at least a few times. We feed the birds in the winter and this year we decided to feed them in the summer. The first time this bear ruffed up my bird feeder it was very early spring, we still had the feeder in the winter location. Since then the bear has come two more times.

I was just about to go for my bike ride and when I looked out the window I discovered the bear eating all my bird seed. At first I tried to scare it away from inside, all that did was cause it to look up momentarily. I decided to go outside and see if the bear would leave, they usually leave at the first sight of you. It did start to leave but to my surprise it started to come back. Knowing how fast a bear can move I quickly retreated back inside.

This bear was not alarmed at all, I tried yelling at it and I even threw things at it, but I missed, and there was no way he was going anywhere.

I don’t recommend confronting a bear. They are incredible agile and move faster than you’d believe, I saw one climb my pine tree once and he was up there in no time, so going into a tree to escape a bear is a horrible idea.

Thanks for watching and be safe

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