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Days Gone 3 Historical Sites Mark Copeland Territory

Historical site at the Caldera Reservoir

Hello everybody.

This video shows only 3 of the 7 historical markers that are in Mark Copeland’s territory. Below is a map of all 7 historical sites.

  1. This historical marker is for Peter Skene Odgen -” FUR Trade Warrior” and is located at the entrance to the Pioneer cemetery.

2. This historical marker is the second one I went to in the video and it’s for Margaret Alice Miller-” The Guardian Angel” and is located inside the cemetery up the stairs from the area where you have to investigate Leon’s crow bar.

3. This historical marker is for Grotto Caves-” The Buried Caves”and is located northwest of the first monument at the entrance of the caves where you eaves dropped on the Nero scientists.

4. This historical marker is for Rainbow Falls-” Path Of The Spirits” and is located southwest of the cemetery entrance.

5. This historical marker is the first one I went to on the video, it’s for Caldera Reservoir-” Bombs In The Water” and it’s located pretty much due south of the Rainbow Falls site at the south end of the reservoir.

6. This historical marker is the last one I went to in the video and it’s for Teller Cabin-” The Horror House” and it’s located northwest of Mark Copeland’s camp.

7. This historical marker is for Peaceful Lake-” Battle On The Misty Lake” and is located due south of Mark Copeland’s camp.

Some of the things you may encounter as you travel around are as follows:

Citizens in distress, they could be captured by marauders or trapped in a vehicle being attacked by Freakers.

Sniper ambush or a cable stretched across the road.

Wolves, they are hard to see so if you hear growling there’s probably a wolf or two about to attack.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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