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Days Gone A Hell Of A Fight

Inside The Marauder Camp

Hello everybody.

The mission A Hell Of A Fight is part of the Protecting The Weak story line and takes place in the Crater Lake region. The mission is unlocked some time after you complete the mission Evil Surrounds Us, I got the call from Captain Kouri during the mission You Don’t Want To Know.

To get the mission started talk to Captain Kouri at Diamond Lake Camp, as usual when you report to do a mission an automatic conversation happens. Kouri tells Deacon that one of the patrols have been wiped out, another patrol went to find them and all of the men have been accounted for except for Private Gomez. Kouri tells Deacon to “go to the site”. When Deacon is dismissed the mission is started and the location is marked on your map. From Diamond Lake Camp you’ll be traveling east and then south, take a left out of Diamond Lake onto the main highway until you come to a pickup truck on your right parked on the side of the highway with an SUV behind it then take the dirt road across to the other highway. Turn left and stay on this highway until you reach the search area. I parked about 70m from the area and went the rest of the way on foot. It looks like the destination marker is in the driveway of the white house, but it disappears at about 25m so that’s about the radius of the search area. Walk in the same direction until Deacon says “gotta take a closer look” stop and look around and you’ll see a tiny magnifying glass symbol over the wreaked bike behind the picnic table, that’s what you need to search. When your finished a couple of marauders will come running out of the house to attack you. The search produces foot prints to follow, about half way to the camp there’s a corpse on the ground to search which produces more foot prints that lead in the direction of the camp, which is guarded by 14 marauders. I went in the front gate but I discovered another entrance once I was inside, there’s a gap in the right log wall that you can squeeze through, I don’t know if that would be any better. Anyway going in the front went very well for the most part, there was on place in the front right corner that I was surprised by 2 marauders and I was still armed with my crossbow, very poor at close range, so I took some damage, after that I switched to my Chicago Chopper. Make your way up to the top section where the watch tower is, there might be one last marauder to take out before you can climb the stairs to where Private Gomez is being held. Once you untie her and she leaves the mission will be complete. Once again the game didn’t show how much XP this mission was worth so I had to look at the map once the marauder camp was found, the details are as follows: 5000XP, 1700 credits, 2750 camp trust points, and the Protecting The Weak story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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