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Days Gone A Score To Settle

A Ripper in my sights

Hello everybody.

The mission A Score To Settle is part of the Ripped Apart story line and takes place in the Hot Springs area.

This mission is unlocked after you get to Iron Mike’s camp so you’ll have to travel back to Hot Springs and talk to Tucker to get it started.

This camp has only 8 Rippers and isn’t particularly hard, even on survival II. There are a few entrances but I think the on closest to the tunnel that goes to Copeland territory is best. I did this mission at night so I was expecting a lot of Freakers and although there is a hoard in the area it wasn’t the case. As you approach the camp the first Ripper to take out is the sniper, if you stay close to the rock face and peak around the corner, so to speak, you’ll be able to get him in your sights and take him out. Closer to the camp on the right is another make shift P.A system and if you get there at the right time of night the hoard will be there, they weren’t in my case so I just shut it down. The rest of the Ripper are a little further up the road but you can make quick work of them because there are bushes to the right of the road all the way into the camp.

There isn’t a bunker in this camp just loot from the corpses and a Ripper Blade melee weapon, I had a better one so I left it there. The payout for this mission is a whopping 5000 XP, 2400 credits, 3850 gain in Hot Springs Camp trust, and the Ripped Apart story line will be updated. I’d say this mission is easy money and XP so well worth the trip all the way back to Hot Springs.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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