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Days Gone About Boozer’s Arm

Sports store where to look for second item

Hello everybody.

The mission About Boozer’s Arm is part of the Surviving Isn’t Living story line and takes place in Marion Forks.

Which ever way you come into Marion forks you’ll want to park by the house where you rescued Lisa. The tube that you are looking for can be found in the house under construction beside Lisa’s house. The search for the blade begins in the sporting goods store over beside the gas station. I took the back way on foot to avoid Freakers and collect loot. The searchable area in the sporting goods store yields foot prints that lead out the back door and to the right. There’s another searchable area in the parking lot, this one doesn’t produce any foot prints but if you look behind the green fence you’ll find a Newt with a corpse against the wall, take out the Newt and collect the blade. All that’s left is to collect 10 scrap for Rikki to fabricate the prosthetic. I already had 6 scrap so I needed another 4 which I got more than enough on the trip back to the bike. The mission is completed when you turn in the parts to Rikki, you’ll receive 4000XP, 250 credits, 1250 point gain in camp trust, and the Surviving Isn’t Living and Someone That I Used To Know story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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