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Days Gone Afraid Of A Little Competition


Hello everybody.

Here’s another mission in the I’m Never Giving Up story line called Afraid Of A Little Competition. This mission takes place in the area of Mazama Village which is in the southwest corner of Crater Lake.

I did this mission right after the mission I’ve Had Better Days so I had a little ways to travel to get to the village. When you are travelling on the main highways you always have to watch for wires strung across the road and or sniper ambushes, that’s why I try to travel on the dirt roads but that doesn’t keep you safe from Runners. The silicate is in the general store and at first glace it doesn’t seem like anybody is around. I noticed a historical marker on my map that was close by so I decided to get that first, what I didn’t expect was marauders so I had to take them out first. The historical marker read Mazama Village – “The New Deal Projects”.

Back at the general store the first thing you’ll notice is Newts on the roof and the destination marker indicates that your destination is on the roof, so take care of the Newts and climb up onto the roof using the tin shed at the back of the store. Once your up there you’ll notice a hole in the roof, that’s your way in. Jump down and be ready with your weapon of choice, there will be a couple of Newts waiting for you. The silicate is on a little green shelf, grab it and push the truck that crash into the general store out and that will give you room to exit. Be ready to run for cover when you push the truck out because it hits a vehicle behind it and sets off the alarm. Now head back to Wizard Island, on the way back you’ll have a conversation with the Doc about Weaver. When you are about to enter Sarah’s tent a cut scene starts and after a strained conversation the cut scene ends and the mission will be over. This one pays 7000XP, 350 credits, 1500 in camp trust points, and the I’m Never Giving Up story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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