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Days Gone Ambush Camp Hunter Bare Bay

Approaching The Ambush Camp

Hello everybody.

The Bare Bay Ambush Camp is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line and if you’ve been doing the Ambush Camp Hunter mission this will be the last one. I don’t think there is a camp mission to go find this Marauder Camp but you can see the smoke from it on a few previous mission in the Hwy 97 region.

I was starting out from the Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint so it was just down the highway, on the map it’s located in the southeast side of the map beside a small body of water. I looked for a street name but couldn’t find one so I think it’s off of Hwy 97. The north entrance is just south of where Falls Hwy meets Hwy 97

On the way there, after I took care of an ambush that was set up for me, I stopped at an historical marker which read Japanese Balloon Bomb – “The Casualties Of War”. You’ll be pretty close to the Ambush Camp when you get the notice that it’s been discovered. If you go into your active mission and select the Ambush Camp you’ll have a running total of how many marauders are left, there are 19 marauders hold up in this camp. Use the cover of the bushes as you approach the camp and take out the sniper. When I got closer to the camp I could see some sort of dance party going on, I wanted to use a residue bolt and even though I just crafted some my crossbow shot a regular bolt which caused everybody to scatter. I went into my ammo selection menu and selected residue bolts and this time it worked although not as effective as it would’ve have been if it worked the first time. I went around the left perimeter of the camp and took the direct approach by blowing up the gate. If you go around either side of the camp you’ll find spots where you can enter the camp without having to blow up a gate. I stuck around the front of the camp taking cover behind the big rock which wasn’t the best position because I was on the low ground. When I had just over half of the marauders down I blew up the gate on the left of the camp and entered that way. There are a couple of heavy gunners, a flame thrower, and one sniper, after taking them out the rest are a breeze. The bunker is in front of a gate that’s rigged to blow south of the lookout tower in the camp, there is a tipped over tractor trailer beside it.

I don’t know how much XP this camp earns because I’m maxed out. You’ll earn 1700 credits, 2750 in camp trust points and the Ambush Camp story line will be complete.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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