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Days Gone Ambush Camp Hunter Belknap Caves Ambush Camp

A view of the camp from across the gully

Hello everybody.

The Belknap Caves Ambush Camp mission is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line.

The first part of the video is me travelling from the radio tower by the Abandoned Nero Refugee camp to the ambush camp, along the way I stopped at a rest station and interacted with the Bear Awareness poster, I also interacted with the Belknap Fire Season Warning close to Three Fingered Jack recreation area. From there I drove down to the southeast, crossed Black Crater Rd where it’s blocked by a fallen tree and drove across to McKenzie Wagon Rd. As you are travelling you’re more than likely going to come across some sort of ambush. I drove south on McKenzie Wagon Rd until I got to the Belknap Caves visitor centre, just before that there is a historical marker on the right for Captain Jack- ” The Modoc Warrior”. The visitor centre is on Graham Rd and this road will bring you close to the east entrance to the ambush camp.

The camps location is northeast of Crazy Willies, there are 2 entrances one on the west and one on the north, there’s a path closer to the north entrance that goes down into the gully where the horde hangs out. It’s better to approach the camp from the west and as long as you don’t venture too close to the path that goes down to the horde you should be safe. There are 14 marauders to deal with and the strategy here is remain as quiet as possible and get the marauders to make noise and sooner or later the horde will come into the camp and finish off the marauders that are left. I used 6 residue bolts to take out the 14 marauders. When the horde has returned to their hangout below you can go around and collect the loot, just be make sure you disarm all of the tripwires other wise the noise will bring the horde back up.

The bunker is on same road that runs parallel to the camp on the left just before the downhill where the path to the horde is. You’ll receive 1500 XP for completing the mission, 1200 credits, increase Hot Springs trust by 750, and get a new crafting recipe for a Focus Cocktail.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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