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Days Gone Ambush Camp Hunter Berley Lake Camp

Busted trying to sneak up him

Hello everybody.

The Berely Lake Ambush camp mission is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line, it’s located southwest of Iron Mike’s and due west of the house where the I Need Your Help mission took place. Since I was already in the neighbourhood I did this mission next, so from the road where you end up after the I Need Your Help mission you can make a quick right off the road and drive cross country a short distance and when you’re withing 100 metres you should see some camp structures and a bush at the bottom of the rock wall, that’s where I hid my bike. From there you’ll have to backtrack a little to get to the top of the rock. As you go around to the right a blue trap should come into view, to the left of that is a spot that overlooks the entrance road, it’s form this spot that I took out 3 of the 13 marauders that are in this camp before I was chased away by the sniper. To the right of the rock with the blue trap is another opening that overlooks the camp and it’s form here that I took out another 3 but then the Freakers showed up and I moved to the other side.

As you move around the camp to the right side you should be able to sneak up on the sniper and take him out, I was noticed and had to retreat away from the edge. If you keep going to the right you’ll eventually end up behind a red house, when I got there there were only 2 marauders left, one of them was the heavily armoured guy so if you’re using the crossbow it’ll take about 3 bolts to take him out. The last guy surprised me when he came around the corner but I think I was a little when I took him out with 1 bolt.

The Bunker

The bunker is on the north side of the camp, pretty much straight across from the house, look for a path with rocks on both sides, the bunker will be on the left of the path. The mission will be complete when you look at the map, you receive 2000XP, 1900 credits and 350 in Iron Mike’s Camp trust, the story line will be updated, and you’ll get the Incendiary Bolt recipe this alone makes it worth while to clear this camp, incendiary bolts makes clearing infestation zones much easier.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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