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Days Gone Ambush Camp Hunter Deerborn Camp

The heart of the camp.

Hello everybody.

The mission to clear the Deerborn Ambush Camp is part of the Ambush Camp Hunter story line. The camp is located southeast of Iron Mike’s camp east of Roberts Bridge Rd.

The Camp.

There are 15 marauders in the this camp, if you are approaching from the north turn left onto the dirt road just before the camp. To give you an idea of when to turn off your on screen marker should read 140 meters and you should see some houses up ahead and the Deerborn Estates sign. Ride straight up the hill and find a bush to hide in. Your arrival will attract some attention and there will be 3 or 4 marauders who will come to investigate but if you’re hiding in bushes they shouldn’t find you and it’s a good time to take them out when they are close, a silenced pistol or crossbow will do the job nicely. From this position looking in the direction of the camp you should see a big rock with a tree in front, to the left of that is an opening overlooking the camp, you should be able to take out another couple of marauders from here. Now make your way around the outside perimeter of the camp in a clockwise direction, there will be another couple of marauders on the way. Keep going up the hill , when you get to the top the sniper will be in front of you and an opening to the left. From the opening you should be able to take out another couple of marauders. Next go back to where you can see the sniper and take him out. Before you go any further locate all of the bear traps and disable them. Now approach the edge where the sniper was and down below there will be around three marauders. The last three are in the area where the first opening was overlooking the camp. The fire makes it difficult to see so approach with caution, one of the last three was the heavily armoured marauder, with this character you first have to shoot his helmet off, after that you can kill him with a head shot. The bunker is in the middle of the tents, if you walk through the arch in the rocks to the right of the sign board that will lead you right there.

When you look at the map in the bunker the mission will be complete, you’ll receive 2000XP, 1900 credits, 350 gain in trust with Iron Mike, a proximity bomb crafting recipe, and several locations discovered and marked on your map.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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