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Days Gone Anarchist Spy

Trying To Shoot The Tires

Hello everybody.

The Mission Anarchist Spy is part of the Bounty Hunter story line, it takes place in the Hwy 97 region and it’s unlocked some time after the mission How Far We’ve Fallen, I got the call from the Colonel during the mission You Don’t Want To Know.

Your first objective is to locate the Anarchist, the area to search is in the northeast snow covered part of the map, in the same area where the Just Doing My Job mission took place. There are a few ways to get to Hwy 97 region but if you go through the tunnel at the Checkpoint turn right at the stop sigh and stay on this highway until you see a red dump truck then turn right into the Kerr Valley Recreation Area. The search area is in the cabin at the bottom of the hill, before you search the cabin make sure you have enough gas and ammo for the chase. Once you search the cabin the Marauder rides by trying to escape. I should’ve went to my bike right away instead of collecting loot and not given him such a big head start. It would be easier if you get him before he enters the sky lodge where there’s all kinds of vehicles and tight spots to maneuver around. It took me to just in front of the lodge to stop him, but in the process I crashed and my health was pretty low, so I just made it. When the Marauder is down a cut scene will play, Deacon and the Marauder have and exchange of words, when the cut scene ends the mission will be complete. This one pays 5000XP, 3500 credits, 1800 in camp trust points, and if you’ve been doing the Bounty Hunter mission from the start of the game this one will be the last. The Bounty Hunter story line will be complete and you’ll unlock some custom skins, in particular the St. John Bounty Hunter Custom Accent.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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