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Days Gone Another Militia Attack

Attacking From Behind Cover

Hello everybody.

The mission Another Militia Attack is one of three mission to clear militia camps and they’re all part of the Race Against Time story line. This camp is located northwest of the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint and there are 8 militia stationed there.

The map had me going around and approaching the militia camp from the west but I thought it would be better to ride up to the checkpoint and grab some loot and at the same time giving me an approach from the high ground. The approach from the high ground turned out to be not as good as I thought, although the cover wasn’t bad the problem was I didn’t have enough crossbow bolts plus it was taking 3 bolts per kill. The first militia recruit that came up to my position I shot once, I wanted to shoot him again and aimed but I was out of bolts, this gave away my position and although I probably could’ve stayed there I decided to retreat to the top of the small rock cliff that was on the right. There was no cover on the cliff so I flanked their position around to the left down to they’re level. There were a lot more bushes around the outside of the rest stop and I eventually went all the way around to the other side and took cover behind the wood barricade, at that point there was half of the militia left. The last four went down fairly fast without taking too much damage.

When the last one goes down the mission will be complete, for this one you’ll earn 5000 XP, 2550 credits, 1150 in camp trust points, and the Race Against Time story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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