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Days Gone Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp

Marauders taken care off

Hello everybody.

This ambush camp is northwest of Marion Forks and due north of Three Fingered Jack Viewpoint on the back roads. As you leave Marion Forks take the second dirt road on your right and keeping right you’ll eventually discover the ambush camp. Drive up the hill to the right of the camp, if they heard you hide in the bushes and wait for any marauders that come to investigate, I almost got caught but I was in the bushes just enough that he didn’t see me and I took him out as he was leaving.

The strategy I used for this camp was to use residue bolts that causes the marauder that’s shot to attack the other marauders. I shot the sniper first and while the marauders were dealing with him I crawled under the log at the end of the road. This is another passage like the ambush camp at Horse Creek where you have to make your way through some hanging Freakers, usually you’ll be attacked by the last Freaker and have to escape by hitting the key that’s displayed. I avoided this by shooting the last Freaker before going through. There’s another log at the other end that you’ll have to crawl under and you’ll be vulnerable for a couple of seconds as you stand up, so if there’s a marauder there they’ll probably see you. In my case they were busy dealing with the rogue sniper.

Once it was clear I crossed the bridge and took cover behind the log walls that were on the left side overlooking the main house, this is where most of the marauders will be. Up to this point I had used 3 residue bolts that resulted in taking out 8 of the 15 marauders. There is a heavily armoured marauder that’s in the house and he might come out at some point, he usually stays close to the house. Using residue bolts on him will not work but using regular bolts will, if you shoot his helmet off first a head shot will kill him. I caught a lucky break when the female I shot with a residue bolt was attacking him and he dropped the grenade he was about to through and took himself and another marauder out. The last marauder that I shot with a residue bolt ended up attacking me and I wasted a residue bolt on him because they eventually die on their own. I took out the last 2 marauders by stealth attack. In total I used 9 residue bolts, I wasted 2 on the heavily armoured guy and 1 on the 3rd last marauder.

There is a bunch of loot in the house as well as a collectible item. The bunker is beside the rock wall west of the house. When you pick up the map the mission will end, you’ll receive 1500 XP, earn some trust with Hot Springs, the Ambush Camp Hunter story line will be updated, the baseball bat axe recipe will be unlocked, and the Pat Jens Lake Infestation will be marked on your map.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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