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Days Gone Better To Light One Candle

Rikki and Deacon

Hello everybody.

There are 2 missions that are blended together Better to Light One Candle and Outta The Darkness that are part of the Earning Our Keep story line and they take place in the Lost Lake region, they’re unlocked after the No Beginning And No End mission. To get the mission started ride to Lost Lake camp, to the right side of the main gate, when the mission starts you’ll be on your bike as Rikki rides along side. The objective is to help Rikki repair the transformer by the gas station. After a short ride you’ll arrive at the turn off for Salvation Springs Rd where you’ll part your bikes. The gas station will have 3 Freakers roaming around that have to be taken out before you go further. Once the Freakers are taken care of the objective is to give Rikki a boost up the hydro pole, as you approach a short cut scene plays showing Deacon giving Rikki a boost. As soon as Rikki is up the pole and you can move get ready for a lot of Newts. You have to protect Rikki while taking out the Newts. I found it helpful to keep moving and taking out the Newts before they got to me with my SMP9, but a some point you’ll get overwhelmed and then it’s better to switch to your melee weapon. When the last Newt is down Rikki will tell you she’s finished. After a short cut scene plays as Rikki jumps down your objective will be to follow her back to the camp. As you arrive at the camp a cut scene plays, Iron Mike gives a speech before Rikki flips the switch and turns the power back on, the cut scene ends with Rikki noticing that Deacon was wounded and telling Deacon to go with her to the infirmary to see Addy, that’s when the first mission ends and Outta The Darkness begins. Follow Rikki to the infirmary, when you enter another cut scene will play, when it’s over you’ll end up in your cabin and the mission will be complete. These mission will pay 6000XP, 250credits, 400 point gain in camp trust, and the Earning Our Keep, Someone That I Used To Know, We’ve All Done Things, and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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