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Days Gone Bounty Hunter I’ll Double It

Ada Tucker

Hello everybody.

The mission I’ll Double It is part of the Bounty Hunter story line and takes place in the Hot Springs region.

To get this mission started talk to Ada Tucker in the Hot Springs camp. She’ll tell you that a former camp member, Rick Marsdon, joined a group of Drifters and led an attack against a supply run killing 3 camp members in the process.

Rick Marsdon is located in the Black Crater Recreation area which is southwest of Hot Springs on Black Crater Rd. Which ever way you leave Hot Springs I think you’re better off to enter Black Crater by the main entrance and slowly ride up the path to the top and park by the pick nick area on the left. The sniper at the top will hear you coming but won’t know exactly where you are. There’s a bush with a fallen down tree in front just on the other side of the path, this makes good cover to take out the sniper from. Stay close to the top and take out the marauders as they come up to investigate. Marauder re enforcement’s will ride into the camp at some point, when they do you can just retreat to the bushes. As you make your way down beware of the trip wire on the right and bear trap on the left. Once you’ve reduced the number of Marauders and Marsdon is down you can start to get closer and retrieve his hat. When you have the hat return to Hot Springs. The mission will be complete when you give Tucker the hat, this one pays 5000XP, 2400 credtits, 3850 point gain in camp trust and the Bounty Hunter story line will be udated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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