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Days Gone Bounty Hunter Nice And Bloody

Old Forest Service Watch Tower

Hello everybody.

This Bounty Hunter mission is unlocked when you receive a radio call from Tucker about a job she wants you to do. Travel back to Hot Springs and talk to Tucker to get the details. The subject of the bounty is a bad actor named Limbo, he and his crew have taken up residence in the Old Forest Service Watch Tower on the east slope of Three Finger Jack.

There is a Historical Marker to the right of the Salome Hot Springs hotel for Salome Hot Springs-” The Salt Springs” that is on the way out of town. The easiest way to get the forest watch tower is to turn right on Black Crater Rd. and ride through the tunnel. As you exit the tunnel turn right off the road at the yellow turn sign, this will take you to two paths, take the path on your right and go slowly and quietly until you reach a down hill. At the bottom of the hill the path goes left, straight ahead, and right.

The path to the left goes through the mountain and right by the entrance to a horde cave. At the entrance will be a historical marker for The Lave Arch-” Lava River Cave” and at the entrance to the cave is another Anarchist Cairn that can be toppled without disturbing the horde.

The path on the right will take you to the tower but instead of following it all the way there turn right off the path when you see the tower and your distance marker reads 118M, keep the two big rocks on your left and you’ll eventually reach a large area of bushes. Stay hidden and wait to see if anyone comes, in my case there was one woman.

Continue on foot keeping the big rock on your left until you reach another area of bushes, there will probably be another Drifter patrolling the south end of the tower. Keep going until you can see the south entrance and sniper tower, hide in the bushes and take out the sniper. I used a residue bolt and while the sniper was shooting drifters in the tower yard I relocated across the road, when the sniper was down I entered the yard through a hole in the fence to the right of the entrance. I used another residue bolt on the closest drifter and it turned out that this drifter took out Limbo.

When the drifters in the yard are all taken care of you can enter the storage building to collect the loot, just beware that there might be a drifter in there.

There are three more drifters at the top of the tower and once they are eliminated you can do a survey of the yard to collect the loot from the bodies and the yard.

As soon as you pick up the tire iron marauders will ride into the yard, so depending where Limbo is you’ll want to run for cover somewhere, around the storage building is a good place to hide. I said in the video that I wasn’t sure if residue bolts would work because the marauders were wearing helmets but I can confirm that residue bolts do indeed work as long as you aim for their bodies. Since I thought they wouldn’t work I didn’t use them and made it harder than it needed to be. Taking out the marauders is optional I could’ve easily made it back to my bike without being seen.

When all of the loot has been collected and you’re ready to leave return to Hot Springs and talk to Tucker, during your conversation you’ll give her the tire iron as proof that the job is done. For completing the mission you’ll receive 3000 XP, Hot Springs trust will increase by 1550, 1200 credits, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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