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Days Gone Bounty Hunter Over A Card Game

About to collect the scarf

Hello everybody.

At the beginning of the video I spoke to Rikki to get the mission called About Boozers Arm started, once it’s started you’ll have to wait for Rikki to call you back.

This bounty hunter mission is pretty straight forward, talk to Rikki to get the details and make your way to the spot marked on your map. Exit the camp via the foot bridge and ride up to Waldon Rd, take a right and a left when you get to Buck Point Rd. Slow down when you get close and hide your bike in the bushes on the right at about 100 meters and approach on foot the rest of the way. It might be better to go at night because there will be more Freakers, I got there just as a group of Freakers entered the camp. As I was waiting for the fighting to stop Iron Mike called about the list of materials for Boozers arm and that unlocked the mission that I started at the beginning of the video. The Freakers ended up taking everyone one out except Harp which I got with my crossbow. All that’s left is to collect the scarf and head back to Rikki. Don’t let your guard down though because when I was about to collect the scarf I noticed a Screamer and if you get caught in her scream your stamina will be depleted and other Freakers will respond to her scream, so unless you’re on your bike you’ll be in trouble.

To complete the mission return to Rikki and hand in the scarf, for this one you’ll receive 5000XP, 2250 credits, 1150 point increase in camp trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be update.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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