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Days Gone Bounty It’s A War Zone

Red Riley

Hello everybody.

This mission belongs to the Bounty Hunter story line and takes place in camp Pioneer.

This mission is unlocked when you talk to Rikki at Iron Mikes. If you look on the map the route that’s provided has you exiting Iron Mike’s by the boardwalk on the south west corner of the camp. When you get to the end of the boardwalk turn right, when you reach another path turn right again and ride in the general direction of the on screen compass. On the way will be a campsite with some loot. Keep right as you follow the dirt path until you reach the paved road, Salvation Springs, and then turn right. There will be a green house on your left that has some loot just before the left turn onto Wahtum Rd. Follow Wahtum Rd. until you see Camp Pioneer on your right and park in the bushes just before the camp. You’ll have to go through the camp searching for clues that will reveal the foot prints of Red Riley and get you close to his final location.

The first clue is at the east end of the camp on the table under the green roof where there are 2 newts. Follow the foot prints west, the second clue will be by a bench beside the fire pit in the middle of 3 yellow sided sheds, this produces more foot prints that will lead you over a covered bridge to another group of 3 sheds. The third clue is in the second yellow shed on your right. About this time more marauders will ride into camp, as I shot the first one my suppressor broke but I didn’t realize it, this gave away my position which made it harder than it had to be.

The fourth clue is in the last yellow shed on your right, this one is a bathroom/ showers. Beware as you enter and watch for marauders and newts. From here the foot prints lead back to the main lodge. There’s a wood shed on the left side of the lodge that you can use to climb up to the second story window. There will be one marauder on the upper level and 2 or 3 on the main floor. Besides the loot there is a collectible on a picnic table on the east side of the lodge across from the kitchen, this one is ” Meet The Campfire Cadets “. Your objective in the lodge is to find Red Riley’s cabin keys which are on the reception desk. That’s it for the foot prints now you have to search the cabins for Red Riley, his cabin is across the road to the east from the lodge. There are 2 doors in this cabin and the one that’s facing east, not facing the interior of the camp, is the better one to enter. There will be one marauder in the living room that can easily be taken out. I had to delay my attack because I used the wrong bolts, I wanted to use regular bolts but I ended up using residue bolts. When Red Riley is down collect his boots and head back to Iron Mike’s and talk to Rikki , that will complete the mission. You’ll receive a whopping 5000 XP, 2550 credits, 1150 gain in Iron Mike’s camp trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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