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Days Gone Chemult Community College Nero Checkpoint

The Last Nero Checkpoint

Hello everybody.

This is the last Nero Checkpoint but before you power this one up you’re better off to eliminate the Horde and clean up at least the three Freaker nest on the college grounds.

As with any Nero checkpoint the first thing you want to do is disable all of the security alarm speakers, when I went through this checkpoint I missed two, if this happens to you just shut the generator off and search again for speakers.

Speaker Locations.

There are a total of nine speakers, 2 each on the three trailers, one on the light pole in front of the first white building on the southeast side of the checkpoint, one on a light pole that’s partially fallen over in the area of the tent flying the Stars and Strips, and one on a light pole in the southwest corner of the checkpoint.


There are multiple Nero corpses around the checkpoint, the with the IPCA Tech is in the white building in the southeast corner of the checkpoint.

Replacement Fuse.

The fuse is in the same tent where Weavers MP3 player was, the tent that’s flying the Stars and Strips.

All that’s left is to replace the fuse, fuel up the generator and start it. I thought since I had all 18 IPCA Tech pieces I’d have a new weapon in my inventory but alas that wasn’t the case, so at this point I don’t know where this special weapon is going to come from.

Besides the XP that’s not listed for me anymore you’ll receive 1700 credits, 1100 camp trust points, World’s End custom skins will be unlocked, and the World’s End story line will be complete.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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