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Days Gone Cleared the Marauder Camp

Marauders Planning An Attack

Hello everybody.

As you leave the safe house to go retrieve your bike you’ll notice someone ” sneaking around the safe house ”running down the mountain. Following him will bring you to a camp consisting of upper and lower levels where there are 6 marauders in total. Use the bushes that are just outside the camp to eavesdrop on the marauder scout reporting his findings to another marauder. When the conversation is complete the 2 of them will each start to go to their posts. You can use a rock to lure one of them up the hill and take them out, that leaves only one other marauder on the upper level so you can just sneak up on him and take him out, no one will notice. Go to the other side of the level collecting loot as you go. When you reach the other side you’ll be overlooking one marauder walking back and forth and one at their post. Using a rock lure the one walking to the end of the camp where you can discreetly take him out. Now you can take out the one at her post. That leaves 2, one walking and one at their post. As the one is walking closer throw a rock so he walks past you and sneak up on him and take him out. For the last marauder you can just sneak up on him take him out.

There’s loot spread around the camp, I was already maxed out on a lot of items but you should search the bodies anyway because you don’t know what you’ll get, could be something you need.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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