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Days Gone Coming Into Town


Hello everybody.

The mission Coming Into Town belongs to the Protecting The Weak story line, this one is started by travelling to Hot Springs Camp and talking to Ada Tucker.

I travelled to Hot Springs from Mark Copeland’s Camp and the only thing of interest was the radio message so I edited out most of the travel. As I arrived at Hot Springs it was being attacked by some Rippers, however there were only 3 so they were dealt with very quickly.

After talking with Tucker you learn that the last known location of Larsen was the Old Wagon Hotel in Marion Forks. To get to Marion Forks head out the main gate to Black Crator Rd, and hang a right. Just before I got there I heard something which turned out to be one of those Super Freakers so if you don’t have to deal with them don’t, they are bullets sponges. You could either go through the tunnel or take the dirt paths over the mountain to get to Marion Forks, I chose the latter and parked beside the garage on the edge of town. Whichever way you come into town it’s best to make your way to the back of the hotel and stage your attack from an upstairs room. On the left side of the hotel near the back is a utility box that you can climb onto to get onto the trellis, from there you can climb through the first window for a med kit and ammo. Climb back out and go through the next window over, that leads to the room, with another med kit, directly across from Larsen and you’ll be able to take the marauders out as they come upstairs, all together there are about 6 of them. When the marauders are taken care of release Larsen and the mission will be complete, this one pays 4000 XP, 1800 credits, 2300 point gain in camp trust, and the Protecting The Weak story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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