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Days Gone Crashed Helicopter Nero Research Site

Jumping the gap

Hello everybody.

This Nero Research Site is southeast of Mark Copeland’s camp. As you approach the site be aware of sniper ambushes, there’s usually 3 or 4 in the group but the ambush I ran into there were only 2. When you are ready to jump the gap quick save your game. As you can see in the video there are a couple of clues how to get to the other side. The area where you can land and drive up the rocks seems to be very small, I tried it with and without Nitro boost,either way will get you up there I just found it easier to control without having to initiate the boost. The way it worked for me most of the time was I landed on the side of the big rock, slid off and then spun my way to the top. Another thing that might make it easier is on your run up to the gap stay on the left till you are past the big log and line yourself up so you have a straight run rather than having to turn at the last minute. Getting the upgraded engine from Manny and using your nitro boost makes a huge difference, you can go in the middle of the road and sail right over everything and land on the other side.

Beside the helicopter is a scientist that’s been cut in half, this is where the IPCA tech is, around on the other side you’ll find another micro recorder and the Nero injector case, there’s also a can of gas for your bike. You could exit the area from either side.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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