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Days Gone Crazy Willie’s

Escaping the horde

Hello everybody.

Crazy Willie’s consists of a gas station at each end, a garage at the back and a motel in the middle. The main objective is to get a fuel pump for Deacon’s bike, there’s also a side mission to burn out Freaker nests. There’s one nest in the little office of the gas station at the top of the hill, one nest in the transport trailer beside the same gas station, and two nests in the motel. Stealth kills are the most practical since ammo is limited.

The way I went about this was

1. Take out all of the Freakers

2. Take out the newts on the gas station roof.

3. Burn out the nests.

4. Retrieve the fuel pump from the gas station garage at the bottom of the hill.

Taking out the Freakers is made a lot easier when you hide in one of the many bushes and single one of them out getting their attention with a thrown rock. They will come and investigate the area where the rock fell and by doing this you can take them out one by one until they’re all gone. There are bushes in every area that you can use to hide from the Freakers and most of the time they won’t find you, sometimes they’ll come so close that you’ll get the option for a stealth kill but you’ll be noticed if there’s another Freaker around. There are Freakers in front of the motel and in the parking lot behind, one behind the gas station at the top of the hill, one just before the motel parking lot at the rear, one behind the rooms at the back that you can get to through a window inside one of the rooms, and one just after the parking lot at the rear.

Next the newts on the gas station roof have to be taken out, if you don’t and you go under the roof they could jump down and attack you. I picked them off one by one with my pistol.

You can use the same strategy when you burn the nests, throw a molotov and retreat to a bush and wait till they separate and can be taken out. The only place where this didn’t work was when I burnt the nest that was in the transport trailer, they sniffed me out and I had to shoot them down.

When all of the Freakers are gone you can go around and collect the loot.There is loot in almost every room, in most car trunks, on the 2 gas station roofs, and scattered around all along the behind the gas station’s and motel. There is a safe in the motel office, the combination is in the room behind the office. Inside the safe there is an attractor that you can use as a diversion when needed. Behind the rooms at the rear there are 2 molotov’s , in the garage at the rear in an suv there is a suppressor attachment for one of your weapons.

When I was finished collecting loot I went out front and down to the gas station at the bottom of the hill. You can’t open any of the doors so go around to the back, there will be one Newt crouched down that you can easily take out. The way into the garage is through a hole in the roof but as soon as you climb up 2 more Newts will appear, so either take them out with the shotgun or jump back down and use your pistol. When they’re gone climb back up but before you jump down make sure you gun is reloaded. Once you jump down another Newt will come running out. That’s it you can now go around and collect the loot and get the fuel pump from the bike in the garage. As soon as you tell Boozer you got the part and are heading out to the highway Rippers attck him. When you get close to the top of the hill a cut scene will play as the Rippers burn Boozers arm. When the cut scene ends you can advance to their position, there is a fallen Ripper by a concrete barrier with some pistol ammo. There are 3 of them to take out and I managed to take them out with just 3 shots. Another cut scene will play as Deacon stands Boozers bike back up , gets Boozer on the back and escape from the horde, ending when they reach the safe house and Boozer goes to bed, as Deacon is about to leave Boozer asks for his shotgun back so you won’t have that until you find another one.

That’s it. Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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