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Days Gone Cryer Nests and Nero Research Site

Cryer Nests

Hello everybody.

After looting the bunker in the Spruce Lake Ambush Camp I discovered a Nero Research Site close by so I decided to clean up some Cryer Nests and check out a searchable area before heading to the research site.

The first searchable area turned out to be a marauder hideout, and never run when you can ride. I was looking for a magnifying glass symbol some where on the ground but I didn’t see one and I think I just stumbled upon the marauders. This was just a small time operation with five marauders who were holding a hostage, so this definitely was the searchable area, when the hostage is freed you have a choice between Wizard Island and Diamond Lake.

Once I ran all the way back to my bike I backtracked a bit to clean up some Cryer Nests. Before I reached my bike I ran into some wolves, don’t try to take out wolves with the crossbow, it’s not very effective. The Cryer Nests were in the area of Mazama Village, I used the crossbow with incendiary bolts, one bolt per nest. If you’re not sure if you got all of the nests just check your map it will show if there are any left.

When I was finished cleaning up the Cryer Nests I marked the Nero Research Site on my map and hit the road, I ran into wolves which I had to deal with and a bear that I rode away from. Just before the research site there were more Cryer Nest to take care of. For some reason I just rode right up to the research site and much to my surprise there were vagrants there, a total of five. So after I crashed into the fence I had to scramble to cover. Once I eluded the vagrants I circled around to the back of the house and then around to the side. I hopped in through a down strains window and took out the last vagrant up stairs. The micro recorder and Nero injector are down stairs in the kitchen. Alright that’s it for this video, the only payment for this one is the Nero injector.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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