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Days Gone Didn’t Want To Join Up

Deacon to the rescue

Hello everybody.

The mission Didn’t Want To Join Up is part of the Protecting The Weak story line and takes place in the Hwy 97 region.

Getting To The Marauder Camp

The mission is started by talking to Captain Kouri at Diamond Lake Camp. He’ll tell you that a young Private Ross has been taken hostage and marks the location on your map. It’s a bit of ride from Diamond Lake Camp but you have the on screen distance marker to guide you, what the map won’t tell you is where sniper ambushes are or wires strung across the road which are hard to see especial when you’re going full speed. The suggested route has you going through the tunnel at the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint which is easier but because I veered off the route the distance marker I guess works the same as a GPS only it doesn’t tell you it’s recalculating and brought me through the mountain into the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp. Assuming that you followed the suggested route which takes you through the tunnel, stop and fill up on gas, once you’re on the Hwy 97 side take the first right and it will bring you around the blockage on the highway below on the west side and back onto the highway, once you’re back on the highway stay on it until you see a police SUV just after that is a dirt road on the right. This will take you around another blockage in the highway, when you get around to the highway again cross it onto a dirt road, follow it and take a right, when you reach the railroad take a left, follow the railroad until you can take a right onto a dirt road which leads to the highway. The highway that crosses in front of you is Soloman Way and the highway with the broken bridge ahead of you is Silver Lake Rd. Go onto Silver Lake Rd and jump over the bridge, your first destination is the green bus, behind it is an area to search. There’s only a lower torso that once it’s searched reveals foot prints that lead to the marauder camp. I didn’t jump the bridge because there were Freakers there and besides I ran out of gas and had to run the rest of the way.

Clearing The Camp.

Hide in one of the bushes in front of the camp and take out the first 2 marauders. I used an explosive bolt to open the front gate but the explosion attracted a Breaker and I had to scramble to deal with it. There was also a Screamer but she was easily taken out after the Breaker. With the gates of the camp now open I returned to the bushes out front, I started with a residue bolt to cause some confusion in the camp. As the marauders were fighting against the one infected with the residue bolt I advanced onto a high ledge that overlooked the camp but by that time there were only 2 marauders left. When the last one is down you can go free Ethan to end the mission. This one pays 5000XP, 1700 credits, 2750 camp trust points, and the Protecting The Weak story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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