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Days Gone Don’t Get Caught plus 6 more missions

Deacon and Skizzo

Hello everybody.

In this video there are 7 missions the first is Don’t Get Caught followed by They Don’t Feel Pain, It Was The Only Way, I Kept My Name, Should Have Seen It Coming, Riders To Find You, and They Will Never Stop.

These missions are unlocked after the Trying To Help The Camp mission is completed. To get the first mission started meet Skizzo who is waiting for you just past Camp Pioneer. When you get close the first of many cut scenes will play, when it ends you and Skizzo start off for Ripper territory on foot.

Don’t Get Caught.

The objective is to follow Skizzo, eventually you’ll arrive at a cliff that’s too high to climb so you give Skizzo a boost so he can look for a ladder. While he’s up there you’ll get a new objective to Clear The Wolves, there will be 4 wolves that show up so position yourself facing the cliff that you jumped down when you arrived. You should be able to take out the wolves one by one before they get to your position, it helps to have an automatic weapon. When the wolves are cleared Skizzo will have a ladder for you to climb. Keep following Skizzo, as you come down from the trail you’ll see a Ripper bonfire, Skizzo wants to go around but Deacon wants a closer look. As you get close to the bonfire a cut scene plays, when it ends the first mission will be complete.

They Don’t Feel Pain.

Walk with Skizzo as he leads you around the bonfire. When you reach the road you ‘ll see a torch by a wooden structure, when you get close a cut scene will play showing a gruesome display, and as Deacon and Skizzo are looking at it a group of Rippers ride by and the cut scene ends. Keep walking with Skizzo, the route he takes goes right by one of Carlos’s make shift PA systems, you’ll have time to shut it down if you so choose. Beyond that is another road. Up ahead you can see some Rippers doing something and as you get close a cut scene will play, when it’s over you keep walking with Skizzo. When you get close to the garage where the detonation cord is a cut scene will play, when it’s over the second mission will be complete.

It Was The Only Way.

Follow Skizzo into the transportation complex. Skizzo tries to get into the garage but the door is locked so he heads over to the office building and with a few kicks gets the door open. Don’t go rushing in, there are a couple of Freakers in there, let Skizzo go in front of you and shoot the Freakers as they come. Continue through the offices and around the back, if you need ammo there’s some on the compost pallets in the yard. When you get close to the garage a cut scene will play, when it ends you’ll be inside the garage with a lot of Newts. It looks worst than it is, after you shoot some of them on the floor the rest will climb onto the shelving racks. You can stay by the roll up door and take them out one by one. Make sure that most of them are gone before you move to the back of the garage. If you need a med kit there’s one on the back of the fork lift. Squeeze through the racks and immediately roll to the back wall. Turn around and take out the Newts that are there, go around the racks to your right taking out the Newts as they appear, some of them are hard to see so go slow. When the last Newt is down you’ll be able to open the door and let Skizzo in. The detonation cord is in the foreman’s office up on the mezzanine but the stairs of broken. Give Skizzo a boost and he’ll kick down a plywood box so you can climb up. Open the office door and a cut scene will play, when it’s over you can leave the garage. When you open the door to go out a cut scene plays, this one shows Skizzo betraying Deacon to the Rippers. When the cut scene ends you find yourself a prisoner in the Ripper temple and the third mission will be complete.

I kept My Name

The objective is to escape the Ripper Temple and compound without being seen . You’ll have to go to the floor above to exit the temple. There are 3 Rippers on t he floor that you start on, if at any point you get caught you’ll be brought back to the room where you started. The only weapon that you have is a knife so you’ll have to take them out by stealth. When you exit the room you’ll see a Ripper to your left, sneak up behind him and take him out, do the same to the other 2 Rippers and go upstairs. There will be 3 Rippers on your left, ignore them and keep going to the short set of stairs. There will be a Ripper to your left by the exit sign, you can ignore him also, in front you should see one door of the double door open that ‘s where you want to go. Take out the one Ripper and pick the lock on the double doors, the exit door will be to your left. Follow the stairs to the bottom, there will be 2 Rippers by the golf carts ahead of you and 2 Rippers on your right. Stay close the the stone wall and make your way to the right, just past the big rock you should see 2 white houses. Follow the wood stake fence around to the first house that’s beside the main road. There will be 2 Rippers on the way that you may or may not have to take out. When you enter this house a cut scene will play when it’s over there will be an area to search that will produce foot prints, they will lead to another house. When you enter a cut scene will play, when it’s over you can escape the compound but when you get outside you hear Lisa crying for help. You’ll make it onto the sidewalk in time to see Lisa being dragged into the house in front of you. Follow them and rescue Lisa. Inside the house there’s a narrow section to the right of the fridge that you can squeeze through, when you do a cut scene will play and when it’s over Lisa leaves and the fourth mission will be complete.

Should Have Seen It Coming

Collect whatever loot you are missing, this might be a good time to check on your health level. Leave the compound and start running in the general direction of you onscreen distance marker. You’ll probably have to stop from time to time and avoid either Rippers or Freakers. Eventually you’ll reach the trail that you can in on, there will be 3 Rippers down where you killed the wolves. There’s another 2 on the way out so climb the ledge and stay on the left and take them out before you advance any further. After they’re taken care of the rest of the way is clear to you bike, except for the odd Freaker. When you reach your bike a cut scene will play, when it’s over the fifth mission will be complete.

Riders Sent To Find You

When you get back onto the road 2 of Iron Mike’s bikers will be there to get you. Keep them alive on the way to the camp and take out any Rippers along the way, I think you can still make it even if 1 biker goes down. When you get close to the camp the riders will go to the main gate and Deacon goes to the boardwalk. When he gets close a cut scene will play when it’s over the sixth mission will be complete.

They Will Never Stop

The first objective is to rescue the hostages in the chapel so staying low and close to the shore sneak up to the chapel. When you get there most likely there will be a couple of Rippers roaming around the outside. Take them out and pick the lock to get into the chapel, when the door opens there will be a Ripper holding a camp resident at gun point, use focus and take him out. You’ll have time to collect loot and ammo and change your aim from left to right if that’s what you prefer. After the hostages are rescued your objective will be to reach the infirmary. The camp is full of Rippers that include heavy gunners so the route to take that avoids most of them is to back track to the boardwalk end of the camp and turn left after the burning house. Follow the bushes on the outer edge all the way to the infirmary, you might have to take out a couple of Rippers on the way. When you get close to the front of the infirmary a cut scene will begin that will run to the end of the mission. When it ends the last and seventh mission will be complete, these missions pay 6000XP, 250 credits, 400 trust points, and the Keep Them Save, Ripped Apart, Someone I Used To Know, We’ve All Done Things, Keep Your Friends Close,and Surviving Isn’t Living story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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