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Days Gone Drifters At Eden Hill

Marauder Camp

Hello everybody.

This mission belongs to the Marauder Camp Hunter story line and takes place in Lost Lake.

To get to mission started talk to Rikki at Iron Mike’s camp, she can be found at the corner of the garage, she’ll tell you that a group of men came and shot at the gate and then left and wants you to go check it out.

The marauder camp is located west of Iron Mike’s so use the boardwalk exit, once you reach a cross road turn left and ride up to Waldon Rd. I ended up turning off at one point but you can just stay on the main road, you want to end up at the rest stop by Rogue Camp, there’s a big bush behind it to hide in. You will be on the high ground with the marauder camp below. It was night when I did this mission, I don’t know if this is the way it’s supposed to be because I didn’t plan it this way and I’ve only slept once or twice, anyway it being night meant that there were more Freakers and a horde so I shot one marauder and lured one Freaker into the camp, that was enough to get the marauders to start shooting and attract the horde which took out the other 7 marauders. Be careful though not to get noticed by the horde, you have to keep a very low profile as you’ll see in the video the horde went right past me when they were finished in the camp. There is a down side to this though because you won’t earn any XP from the marauders.

This mission pays 4000XP, 1900 credits, 700 point gain in camp trust, and the Marauder Camp Hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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