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Days Gone Drifters On The Mountain

Mark Copeland

Hello everybody.

Having dealt with the marauder threat you can continue on your way to the bike. Between the marauder camp and your bike location there are a lot of Freakers and most of them a grouped in at least pairs. Luckily there are bushes doted throughout the landscape that you can use to remain undetected. Following the onscreen compass I took the route around to the right of the big rock and along the lower road and then back up to where you left the bike, there seemed to be less Freakers. When you arrive at the bike location you discover that it’s been stolen and looking around you see one of Copelands men. When you start asking about your bike he runs away. Copelands man will be marked so you’ll have time to deal with the odd Freaker as you’re chasing him if needed. I was spotted taking out the last Freaker but I guess I was just far enough ahead and made it to the gates of Copelands Camp and as I entered Copelands men took care of any Freakers that were following.

Copelands is the service centre in this neck of the woods from Bounties to bike repairs, it’s also where you get another bike. When you enter you’ll be directed to Manny the camp mechanic, while you are looking at what Manny has you notice your bike sitting on his bench stripped so you confront him and while Manny is squirming for excuses Mark Copeland steps in and wants to talk. Follow Mark up to his office, if you skip the optional dialogue you’ll jump ahead to the top.

As you arrive at the top a cut scene will start with Copeland and Deacon having a less than honest conversation. In the end Copeland wants Leon’s stash and you’ll get your first mission clearing out a radio tower and repairing the generator and uplink. After the cut scene return to Manny

When you get back to Manny he’ll approach you and apologize profusely for what happened to your bike so to try and make it up to you he’s put together another bike. You can modify it slightly at this point before you head out.

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming

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