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Days Gone Drinking Himself To Death

Boozer and Deacon

Hello everybody.

The mission Drinking Himself To Death is part of the Surviving Isn’t Living story line and take place in the Lost Lake region.

To get the mission started travel back to Lost Lake camp. As soon as you enter a cut scene will play showing Deacon asking Skizzo where Boozer is and as usual Skizzo is no help. When the cut scene ends the mission begins and you’ll have to go on a search for Boozer. The first stop is Iron Mike’s Farm, go to the entrance by the rail road tracks. They’ll tell you Boozers is not there and they’ll direct you to the next farm over. Inside the farm house there is a searchable area that lead to foot prints that go back outside. When you leave the house a cut scene will play with a new type of Freaker called a screamer and along with her 5 swarmers. Be aware when the cut scene ends that you might not appear on the porch where you exited the house and find cover right away. Take out the swarmers and if the sreamer is still around take her out also. Now get back on your bike and leave the farm through the front entrance. At the start of the bridge you’ll find another searchable area, these foot prints only go to the road so Deacon calls Boozer and learns that he’s at the other farm, that you can see straight ahead from the end of the driveway . The first place to search is the barn, you’ll have to eliminate the Newts before you can enter the barn. There’s a searchable area in the barn that produces foot prints that lead into the farm house. There are 3 Newts on the house roof so just to be safe take them out. The foot prints in the house lead upstairs where there’s another searchable area, this area doesn’t produce any further foot prints so return to you bike. Deacon will call Boozer again and when they’re finished talking you’ll get a new on screen marker that will lead you to the road to Copeland territory. There are 2 searchable areas where you would normally turn left to go to Copeland’s. When you’ve searched both areas you can get back on your bike and follow the tracks to the end of the road. When you reach the end a cut scene will play showing Boozer, Deacon, and a huge horde. After Deacon talks Boozer into going back to Lost Lake he’ll jump onto the back of your bike and you’ll have to ride out of there with the horde chasing you. The way out is similar to going trough one of the tunnels where you have to weave your way past the wrecked vehicles and as long as you don’t hit one of them and have to back up or something you’ll make it out. All that’s left is to drive Boozer home. When you drive through the gates Boozer will get off and go to bed and the mission will be complete. You’ll receive 6000XP, 250 credits, 1750 point gain in camp trust, and the Surviving Isn’t Living and Keep Your Friends Close story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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