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Chasing my bounty

Hello everybody.

This mission is a bounty for Mark Copeland to capture a drifter that shot up his camp and fled. The starting point for this mission is on the edge of a small pond just off the highway east of the Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint. Travelling east on the highway from the checkpoint the onscreen marker will take you to within 75 meters and then disappear, you should see a yellow deer sign ahead on the right, across from the sign down by the shore is the site that you have to investigate. When you get there park your bike close to the body and fill the gas tank. Now you have to examine the body, when you’re finished you notice the drifter riding by, as he does he’ll shoot at you a few of times . As you’re chasing him he’ll shoot at you so when you see him turn around take evasive action. In order to stop him you’ll have to disable his bike and this is done by shooting his tires. The closer you get the more accurate your shots will be, when the targeting shows a green square that’s your best chance, it might’ve been quicker if I had used something other than my pistol but in the end it did the job. Eventually the drifter will crash and a cut scene will play with Deacon tying up the fallen drifter and notifying Copeland that he’s captured the fugitive and gives him the location.

With that the mission is complete, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland, the Geared Up For The Ride story line will be updated, and custom skins for your bike will be unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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