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Days Gone Everyone Has To Work

Rose Allen

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Geared Up For The Ride story line and takes place on the radio tower.

The mission becomes available when Tucker calls you on the radio and says she has a job for you so you’ll have to travel to Hot Springs and talk to Ada. She’ll ask you to go after someone that went missing when they were on a supply run up at the Nero Refugee Camp. When your conversation with Ada is over look at your map, the area to look in is up by the radio tower.

There are about 7 Freakers around the radio tower so park your bike somewhere before it and walk the rest of the way. Once all of the Freakers are eliminated collect the loot on the crates and go inside the utility room and collect the nest residue to use with your residue bolts, if you’re not using them I highly recommend that you start.

There is a corpse in front of the utility room that once searched will lead you up to the tower, the runaway is at the top. Climb the tower, when you get to the top a cut scene will play showing Deacon freeing Rose, they have a brief conversation about the camp but Rose doesn’t want to return, so Deacon lets her leave and the cut scene ends.

You’ll receive 3000XP, you’ll gain 1550 in Hot Springs trust, the Geared Up For The Ride story line will be updated, and some custom skins for your bike will be unlocked.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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