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Days Gone Give Me A Couple Of Days

Gathering lavender

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the He’s My Brother story line and takes place near the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint on the shore of the small lake to the north. To the east of the checkpoint there is a dirt road just past the cop car and the slow down checkpoint ahead sign, this will take you up close to the area where the lavender is growing but not too close that you’ll attract the hoard. If you see a wrecked bike on the side of the dirt road this will be an extra side mission where you examine the wreck and follow the foot steps.

The Lavender

The lavender is growing along the shore between the water tower and the train and as long as the hoard isn’t there you can sneak down there and collect all three.

The Wrecked Bike

Examining the wreck puts you on a trail that leads up the hill to another item to examine and eventually down to the water tower, there will be a couple of Freakers around the searchable area at the bottom, eliminate them and examine the half corpse. This produces more foot prints leading to the ladder, the trail ends at another corpse at the top of the tower. Besides the med kit on the corpse there’s some scrap next to the ladder.

Return to Boozer

Make your way back to the safe house, when you go upstairs a cut scene will play showing Boozer trying to reload his shotgun, he drops it just as Deacon enters with the burn salve. Boozer appears to be sweating a lot but insists he feeling fine and his arm is almost as good as new, with that Deacon puts the jar on the table and starts to leave, Boozer stops him and says ” give me a couple of days”. Deacon leaves, the cut scene ends and the mission is completed.

You’ll receive 3000XP and the He’s My Brother story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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