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Days Gone Gone Fishing


Hello everybody.

The mission Gone Fishing is part of the Protecting the weak story line. This mission will be unlocked some time after you do the Riding The Open Road mission, for me it was after I completed the Moments Of Lucidity mission.

To get mission started talk to Rikki at the Lost Lake camp, she tell you that the Butler twins went fishing and haven’t come back. The area to search is on the other side of the lake to the west of Lost Lake camp so leave the camp by the boardwalk exit. Follow the dirt roads around to the right until you reach a paved road, turn right and a short distance turn right onto the dirt road. Follow the dirt road until you see a stump sticking up on your right and park in the bushes on the left. Check to see if the marauders heard you before investigating the area by the shore. Sometimes if the marauders come to check and shots are exchanged the little magnifying glass won’t appear, if that happens you just have to head over to the house across the road and your objective will be updated. I was not noticed when I rode in so the area could be investigated. When you interact with the fishing rod you’ll see what happened to the twins and which way they went. Following the foot prints brings you up to the road where there’s another spot to investigate, this leads to more foot prints that go off in the direction of the front of the house. When I investigated I was noticed and that’s where the trouble began. The first few were easily taken out but after that there seemed to be always one more that had a bead on me . I eventually gave up on the front and went around to the right and staged my attack from there. There are plenty of bushes across the road and once you take out the sniper you be on the high ground overlooking the house and yard. When all of the marauders that are outside are down you can enter the house. Enter carefully because there will be at least one more marauder in the house. Abigail’s body will be on the floor, when you investigate it show’s you how she died. Gabbi is in the bathroom, there’s a little bit of a glitch here you’ll have to close the door and open it again, this will trigger the cut scene of Deacon rescuing her. The mission ends when the cut scene is over, you’ll receive 4000XP, 1900 credits, 700 point gain in camp trust and the Protecting the weak story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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