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Days Gone Hard To Miss

Mark Copeland

Hello eveybody.

The mission Hard To Miss belongs to the Bounty Hunter story line. To get this mission started you’ll have to travel to Copeland’s Camp and talk to Mark.

The easiest way to find Ned Walkers marauder camp is to exit Copeland’s camp through the north gate, the one closest to Manny, and make your way out to Old Belknap Rd, turn right and then left onto the first dirt road. Ride to the top of the hill and when you get to a blue car turn right, this road will bring you to the front of the camp. There are about 7 marauders 5 on the ground and 2 on the elevated structure. None of the marauders were particularly hard to take out. Once Ned is down collect his bandana, as soon as you do Runners will show up down below. I was able to take one out from above but the other one seemed to always be somewhere directly below, I finally just climbed down and as it turned out the Runner was nowhere near and I was able to shoot it. If you make it to the ground without being taken out by the Runners return to the camp and talk to Copeland and the mission will be completed, you’ll receive 4000XP, 800 credits, 2350 point gain in camp trust, and the Bounty Hunter story line will be updated

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