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Days Gone He Never Came Back

Copeland’s man rescued

Hello everybody.

The mission He Never Came Back is part of the Protecting The Weak story line and is unlocked some time after you complete the What Have They Done mission.

When Copeland contacts you for a job go see him for the details. He wants you to deal with a marauder camp along the Cascade Hwy. You’re starting point is east of Copeland’s camp at the Crazy Willies billboard. There’s a body of a woman leaning up against concrete barrier that you have to examine, doing so reveals a trail of foot prints. Following them will lead to a river where the trail ends. To your left is a bridge, search there for a body in the water, examining this body produces another set to foot prints. The trail is lost when it crosses a road but if you continue in the general direction of the on screen marker you’ll pick up the trial again on the other side. This trail ends at a third and last body, you’ll be able to see the camp up ahead from here. There are only 3 or 4 marauders that are easily taken care of but there are bear traps so beware of those as you move around the camp. When you approach the hostage to free him a cut scene will play, when it ends the mission will be complete. You’ll receive a whopping 5000XP, 1050 credits, 3950 gain in Copeland camp trust, and the Protecting The Weak story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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