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Days Gone Hear About A Ripper Camp ?

Mark Copeland

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Ripped Apart story line and is unlocked some time after you complete the mission I Brought you Something. Copeland will call you on the radio and ask you to drop by Peaceful Lake when you get a chance. I did this mission after the Iron Butte Pass Checkpoint so that’s where I’m starting from to go to Copeland’s. The way to Copeland’s from here is to get onto Old Belknap Rd. and start riding toward Crazy Willies.

Historical Marker

If you are visiting the historical markers, there’s one on the way to Copeland’s, this one is called MCKENZIE PASS ” ROBBER’S PASS”. Instead of staying on Old Belknap Rd. take the first dirt road on the right just after the winding road ahead sign. This will take you to McKenzie Wagon Rd, hang a left and the marker will be just up the road on the right.

Trapped Survivor

After the marker ride back to Old Belknap Rd. and hang a right, there might be a survivor trapped in a car near the intersection like there was in the video, if there is you’ll earn some credits and trust in Copeland’s Camp if you free him.

The rest of the way to Copeland’s

Crazy Willies is just down the road, look for ambushes as you ride through, on the other side is the tunnel to Copeland territory. When you come out of the tunnel the Nero Checkpoint will be on your left and a tow truck on the road, this is a good time to fill your bike up. There’s a couple of ways to get to Copeland’s you could either stay on Old Belknap Rd. and hang a right when you get to the blue car or take the dirt road on the right and follow that keeping left until you pass a blue car and then right up the hill, over the creek and right to Copeland’s, you’ll see torches marking the way as you get close. Talk to Copeland to get the details for the mission.

Location of the Ripper camp.

With the mission selected follow the onscreen compass back to the Nero Checkpoint, this time turn right and then left of the first dirt road, from here keep the compass generally in front and eventually you’ll arrive at the Cascade radio tower, this is the location of one of the first marauder camp . The Ripper camp is just on the other side to the north.

The Ripper Camp.

At first your objective will be to clear 8 Rippers. Approaching the camp from the radio tower there will be an opening on the right that overlooks the camp. I started with residue bolts and pistol. Since I have the Knocked Up skill on my crossbow I should’ve used that because with normal foes it takes one shot anywhere on their body and with rippers it takes 2 instead of multiple shots with the pistol. With half of the Rippers down I advanced to the north side of the camp, when the count gets to 6 of 8 reinforcements will show up and bring the count to 14. I hid in the bushes across the road from the camp which turned out to be a good place because some of the reinforcements came from the north right by the bushes. When the last Ripper falls the mission will be complete. Your reward will include 3000XP, 550 credits, 1600 gain in Copeland Camp trust, and the Ripped Apart story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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