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Days Gone Here’s A Little Chaos

Mark Copeland

Hello everybody.

This mission is part of the Marauder Camp Hunter story line and takes place in the Cascades Mark Copeland territory. To get the mission started travel to Copeland’s camp and he’ll give you the details. The Anarchist’s camp is located northeast of Copeland’s camp and east of the Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp. To find the camp leave Copeland’s camp by the north exit, ride out to the Old Belknap Rd. and turn right. Take the first left and ride up the hill, the lumber camp should be below on the right. At the top of the hill turn right when you get to the blue car on the right. Follow this road down and cross the rail road tracks at the bottom. Ride through the mass burial area and turn left when you get to the highway, follow the highway and take the right after the fire truck on the right. Follow this dirt road trying to be quiet and when you reach a fork in the road take the one on the left and park your bike just below the top of the hill. Go the rest of the way on foot, there are a number of bushes to take cover in near the camp at the top of the hill. There are 12 Anarchist’s to take out, from the bushes you can get a good shot at the sniper, once he’s down others will come to investigate. My second and third shots turned out to be a incendiary bolt which is not what I wanted, sometimes the game glitches and selects the wrong bolt. After that I switched to my riffle until I saw the heavy gunner then I switched back, with the crossbow you can take out a heavy gunner with 3 bolts. So I ended up taking out 10 of the 12 Anarchist’s from the bushes above the camp, I advanced to the cliff overlooking the camp to get the last 2, be careful advancing there are trip wires and bear trap all around the camp. One of the last 2 was another heavy gunner who went down with 3 bolts. The last Anarchist was in the camp warning himself by the fire and 1 bolt was all that was needed. When the last Anarchist goes down the mission will be complete. For this one you’ll get 4000XP, 800 credits, 2350 point gain in camp trust, and the Marauder Camp Hunter story line will be updated.

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