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Days Gone He’s Feeding The Freaks

A Flaming Ripper

Hello everybody.

The mission He’s Feeding The Freaks is part of the Marauder Camp Hunter story line and takes place in the Hwy 97 region. It’s unlocked after you start the mission Just Checking In, you should get a call from the Colonel some time during that mission.

To get the mission started talk to Colonel Garret. He’ll tell you of a Ripper camp in the Hwy 97 area and he wants you to track them down and deal with them, he’ll mark the location on your map. Leave Wizard island by the back gate and take the dirt roads up to the highway, turn left and head for Chemult. Just after the Crater Lake Visitors Centre turn right, follow this road to the end and then navigate the passage in the rocks that leads to Hwy 97. When you reach the other side turn right and ride the dirt road to the top of the hill, just over the top take a left down to the highway. Turn right and follow the highway to the end, it goes by a gas station so stop there if you need gas, when I stopped I had to deal with the sniper ambush before I could gas up. When you get to the end of the road you’ll discover a Nero Checkpoint, take the dirt road on the left and follow that across the tracks and up the hill. Park your bike off to the right about 100m from the camp, there’s a large bush there. The camp will be just ahead, there’s 12 Rippers to take out. You’ll be on the high ground, across on the cliff that overlooks the camp will be 2 snipers, after you take them out your position will be compromised so fall back to the bushes behind and take out the advancing Rippers as they come. There’s another large bush closer that overlooks the camp, you could probably take out the rest from there. I eventually moved over to the cliff that the snipers were on and took out the rest from there. When the last one is down the mission will be complete, you’ll get 5000XP, 3500 credits, 1800 camp trust points, and the Marauder Camp Hunter and Ripped Apart story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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