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Days Gone He’s Not Big On Tunes and Chemult Community College Horde

Weaver’s MP3 Player In The Tent With The Stars And Stripes

Hello everybody.

When you get to the Chemult Community College to look for Weaver’s MP3 player you’ll discover that there is a horde roaming around the search area, you can probably get the MP3 player without taking out the horde but it’s simpler to take out the horde first.

On the way to the college I stopped at an historical marker, this one read Gentleman Bandit Memorial – “Poetic Justice”

Chemult Community College Horde

I got to the college just in time to see the horde on the move, I don’t know where they were going so it could be that they go somewhere long enough for you to retrieve Weavers MP3 player. Since I’m taking out hordes anyway I decided to start the mission by eliminating this one. Positioned in the bushes just outside the fence on the east side by the score board you can see an opening in the fence and an explosive barrel. The horde was still close enough to be lured there with an attractor , once they were in range I started with 6 Molotov cocktails, plus the barrel will also explode, and then 3 grenades. I started to use grenades more because you can buy them at the two camps, Molotov’s you have to find supplies to craft them. After all of the freakers in the area were down I had to hunt the few stragglers down and shoot them. I no longer receive an XP count because I’m maxed out but for the other stuff you’ll earn 1700 credits, 1650 in camp trust points and the Horde Killer story line will be updated. With this horde taken care of it brought me to 60% which unlocks the MG 55 weapon.

Weaver’s MP3 Player

When Deacon arrives in the area he contacts Weaver for more info, so Weaver tells him it’s in the tent flying the old stars and strips so look for the flag pole and collect the MP3 player, it’ll be in the east end on the floor beside a cot. On the return trip to Wizard Island I went the other way thought the tunnel but before I got there I discovered a hostage situation which was confirmed when I looked at the map. Besides the good loot beside the cube van there’s a red car to search just past the Crater Lake sign. Foot prints will be revealed once you search the car, they’ll lead off the road to a small group of marauders, once you take care of the marauders rescue the hostage, I started sending them to Diamond Lake to increase my camp trust to level 3 to get upgrades for my bike. When you get close to Weaver’s cave a cut scene will play, Deacon gives Weaver the MP3 player which make Weaver extremely happy. When the cut scene ends the mission will be complete. Besides the XP that’s not listed you’ll earn 350 credits, 550 in camp trust points and the A Good Soldier and Blow It Up Good story lines will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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