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Days Gone High Desert Logging Camp

Freaker nest on fire

Hello everybody.

The mission to clear the nests in the logging camp is part of the story line He’s My Brother. The camp is located southeast of the O’Leary safe house. There are 6 nests in total to destroy. There is one big warehouse and 6 out buildings. Four of the nests are in the warehouse and the other two are in the out buildings, one is in the second building to the left of the entrance from the highway and the other is the building in the centre west of the lumber yard. I approached the camp from the west along the rail line so the first building was the warehouse. For the nest upstairs and the 2 along the south wall I threw a Molotov cocktail at the nest and then ran across the tracks and hid in the bushes on the hill where I could see how many Freakers came out of the nest. I tried to take out all of the Freakers from the nest before destroying the next nest. For the nest in the northwest corner I again ran to the same patch of bushes on the hill although this time I couldn’t see how many Freakers there were and the fact that it was raining didn’t help.

Next were the two out building nests, the one close to the highway may attract marauders so keep an eye out for them. I used the same strategy of running as far as I could and hiding in bushes after I had thrown the Molotov. Marauders did show up so I didn’t take out any Freakers from that nest.

The building with the last nest had an explosive barrel right next to the nest opening so after I threw the Molotov and the Freakers started coming out I shot the barrel and high tailed it out of the camp. After I stopped recording I saved my game and went back into camp, took out the Freakers and collected all of the loot.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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