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Historical Marker

Hello everybody.

With the Freaker nests on the east side of town destroyed I took the back road around to the west side to visit the historical marker and collect the loot form the searchable area.

The back road is the first road on your right as you enter town coming from the Nero Checkpoint. You’ll eventually get to the top of a hill where you can see the road and lake shore below. There will more than likely be Freakers or wolves and Freakers so it’s best to drive to the furthest patch of bushes to hide and wait to see if they followed you. In my case I stopped about half way to the historical marker and the Freakers ran after me and sniffed me out so I had to eliminate 6 Freakers primarily with my shotgun, in the end I ran out of stamina with 3 Freakers left and just barely survived.

The historical marker is a little further down the road on the left, this one is for Indigenous Petrogyphs-” Stories In Stone”. Just past the marker on the right is a hoard cave with a searchable area on the road near the entrance. After you examine the corpse a trail of very light foot steps will appear that will lead to a small camping area on the shore where there’s 2 Freakers milling about. Since you have to take these Freakers out to investigate the area it’s best to use your cross bow so that by the time they reach your position there will only be one or none to deal with.

There are 2 deceased campers in the campsite with some random loot and an ammo box. Back on the road follow it around and take the first turnoff on your left, this will bring you to the west side of town behind the stores. When I got there there were Freakers all over the place so I hit the main drag and drove to the edge of town and hid in some bushes, it was far enough that nobody followed me.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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