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Horde Down

Hello everybody.

The Chemult Station Horde is part of the Horde Killer story line and takes place in the same area where you took out the horde testing Weavers napalm Molotov cocktails.

Before I took on the horde I destroyed a couple of Cryer Nests that were in the area, they are located by the broken bridge east of the Chemult College on Silver Lake Rd. If you go to the edge of the broken bridge on foot you’ll see the nests on your left and you’ll be too close to miss.

As I was moving my closer to get ready to destroy the horde I ran over a wolf, in hind sight I should’ve stopped right there and taken out the other 2 or 3 in the pack, as it turned out I ended up fighting a Breaker, wolves and marauders at the same time. The horde is usually in the 2 box cars by the train bridge but I guess all of the shooting brought them out. There are few bushes pretty close to the box cars, I hid in one of these and started with one napalm Molotov and 6 grenades, everything was going according to plan until I lost count of my grenades and shouldered my riffle, whenever that happens the horde will immediately know where you are and you won’t be able to stay hidden. This was the case for me and I had to make a hasty retreat. Luckily it wasn’t the whole horde that gave chase and I was able to shoot all of them. As I returned to the box cars the remaining few came running out which were easily taken out with my Chicago Chopper.

Besides the XP that I don’t receive any longer you’ll get 1700 credits, 1650 in camp trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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