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Days Gone Horde Killer Death Train Horde

Fuel truck exploding while horde passes by

Hello everybody.

This horde is located due north of the O’Leary Mountain safe house and just down the highway east of the tunnel that leads to Marion Forks. When the horde comes out at night they’ll either gather in the mass grave to the south or the shore of the small lake to the north. You’ll be able to kill this horde from either location, although the mass grave offers more cover that’s farther from the horde, also you’ll have a better view.

I did the mission when the horde went to the mass grave. There are bushes by the rear of portable storage tent that are a good spot to stage your attack from. The horde will pass by a fuel truck on their way to the mass grave, wait till they are passing and shot it to blow it up. When I did it looked like I didn’t get any kills but it’s still worth doing. There are also 45 gallon drums of gas around the mass grave, this time when I shot it I did get some kills. The explosion from the drum will attract the Freakers that went to the back of the grave but they won’t come all the way so use an attractor, that seems to drive them crazy and most of the horde will come. Once they’re bunched up around the attractor they’re an easy target for molotovs. I used 2 molotovs, 3 pipe bombs and then I shot the remaining few. This mission pays 2000XP, 550 credits, 1600 trust points and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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