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Days Gone Horde Killer Groose Garden Horde

The Horde Emerging From Their House

Hello everybody.

The Groose Garden Horde is part of the Horde Killer story line and it’s located just east of Chemult College. You’ll see on your map that there are only 2 houses in the area east of the college. The horde will be in the green house, there’s a small hill covered in bushes that overlooks the two houses and provides excellent cover. From here I lured them out with an attractor and used a combination of Molotov’s and grenades, six Molotov’s and three grenades which left one to shoot. This proved to be one of the easiest hordes to take out.

Besides the XP that I no longer get you’ll receive 1700 credits, 1650 camp trust points, and the Horde Killer story line will be updated.

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