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Days Gone Horde Killer Lava Arch Horde

The last few being taken out with the auto shotgun.

Hello everybody.

This horde cave is located southwest of Marion Forks, there’s an historical marker,The Lave Arch – Lave River Cave, just outside the entrance. When they come out at night they travel south to a small lake that’s across from the Bleknap Caves National Monument. They will either be on the shore of the lake or across the highway in a small mass grave.

I think it’s better to catch the horde in the day while they are in the cave which is what I did in the video. If you follow the road up and around the cave you’ll find a rock ledge that overlooks the cave entrance, from there you can coax them out of the cave with an attractor and take them out. I like to use molotovs first and then either pipe bombs or grenades. The ledge that I was on was almost too far away and I wasn’t able to get them all from there so I had to go down to the cave and shoot the remaining few.

This mission pays 2000XP, 1200 credits, 1550 in trust points and the Horde Killer Story line will be updated. There are rewards such as weapons or upgrades that you can get at various percentages, in this case I was at 35% so I got the upgraded magazine for my SMP9.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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