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The Little Shack Where the horde Lives

Hello everybody.

This is one of 3 hordes in Mark Copeland’s side of the map that have less than 50 Freakers. It’s located behind the Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint, this is the checkpoint that Deacon and Boozer ride past on the way to Crazy Willies at the start of the game. There’s a break in the fence that runs behind the checkpoint, the gap has 2 lower hand rails that you can jump over, this will give you a view of the shack where the horde is, however you won’t survive if you try to climb down. To get down to where the shack is go back onto the road in front of the checkpoint, just before the checkpoint to the east is a dirt road on the left, a short distance in there’s an opening in the rocks on the left. Head into the opening and you’ll come to a series of ledges that you can climb down that will get you to the same level as the shack. Travel along the shore and hide in the bushes in front of the shack. Have your grenade or Molotov ready to throw because the horde will most likely be alerted at your presence. As soon as you get there with the horde still inside the shack throw, preferably a grenade. One was all it took when I did it.

Note: The reward for killing 10% of the hordes is the SNP 9, that means you have to kill 4 hordes, besides the three hordes in Mark Copeland territory that have less than 50 freakers there is the Pat Jans lake horde in Hot Springs, which has more than 50 but I found an easy way to kill it. Here’s the link to that video https://wordpress.com/post/ebegezer.com/7624

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming

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